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Introduction to the Miami Chapter

This is a non-hierarchical space. A decentralized network, highly influenced by Mutual Aid Disaster Relief’s "solidarity not charity." This network is made up by all of us, a diverse community drawn together by our passion to remember our intrinsic sovereignty. Individualism is a public health crisis. This pandemic is revealing how interconnected our world is, showing how our own well beings are tied to the wellbeing of everyone around us. We must act to protect the most vulnerable (elders, those with compromised health, those without medical care, people ashamed to ask for aid, and those living on the frontlines of pollution and poverty).


We are responsible to those impacted by illness, economic hardship, disaster, and now, pandemic. We stand with immigrants, those detained, and those incarcerated. We stand with elders, farmers, landworkers, and our neighbors. We stand in solidarity with movements fighting for our human rights amidst crisis. Our rights are enforced by ourselves. There are no leaders- facilitators will rotate before every meeting and come up with the agenda, that will then be added to by the rest of the group. We are all responsible to one another in this chapter, and responsible to those who cannot give the time to do this work. We are all autonomous and in control of what we can give and what we can do. We prioritize direct action, we trust our intuition, we take care of ourselves, and we practice devotion to our communities. The connections we make are important. Prioritizing your rest and your wellbeing is important. You are important and the work we are doing together is important. There will be different working groups you can get involved with. You can be as involved as you want to be. Those groups can be found under the volunteering tab.


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